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Cichlids can always recognize cichlids, no matter how different they look. South American cichlids will usually get along with each other; the same goes for African cichlids of the same lake. Also, some fish in a tank, as individuals, are too aggressive for community life. My stock is as followed:2 red zebra, 1 white top,1 kenyi, 1 yellow lab, 1red jewel, 2 aratus and one that I dont know the name of. 1 0. Thank you for the super information! There are several things that you can do in or to your fish tank that will help curb cichlid aggression. Hop on the list to get them when we start sendin'. i got rid of my African cichlids for that same reason.   The need to address bullying in schools is significant. (Or just 1 fish; 1 fish will completely eliminate your aggression problem!) However, if you follow several or even all of the tips that we are about to list, the chances of stopping cichlids from being aggressive bullies decreases significantly. Our mission is to educate and share aquascaping knowledge with others, and to show the mainstream audience that aquascaping can be beautiful. We have a very aggressive African cichlid that attacks any fish we put in the tank. Step 4 Provide special food for aggressive bottom-feeders. Lots of rock caves and places cichlids can claim will stop all the fighting and cichlids will be able to be relaxed. How to Stop Discus Fish Bullying. If a cichlid cannot focus on a single fish for bullying, the chances of it occurring are greatly reduced. The betta does not go on that side of the tank when their mating. And I hope you all liked my blog! Fish that look like them are seen as either a mate, a threat, or their competition. Preventing bullying requires that parents get involved, too. Related to the above point, cichlids care way more about horizontal space than about vertical space. If it is a pair of cichlid fish (the most common being convicts, kribs or angelfish) that have decided to set up house and are trying to eliminate all other fish from their territory, remove either the newly formed pair or the other fish. If you think about it, it’s really no different from the human world, and the rest of the animal kingdom in general with males competing for each other for food and women. If you have a particularly dominant fish who is guarding areas of the tank, try rearranging the tank completely so that it becomes confused about the boundaries of its territory. Therefore, try adding at least three or four fish at a time. I’m having a slight aggression problem right now in one tank — I’m going to try lowering the temp some to see if it helps. In case you are wondering, yes they do have teeth! The more fish you have in your African cichlid tank, the calmer it is. my tank has plenty plants and a rock and wood. This way, each male cichlid will have several females to choose from, so to speak, and that will help to drastically reduce aggression and bullying. The big question is how to stop bullying? I have listed some things that I believe will help with the bully. Related: 8 Reasons Why Your Cichlid Isn't Eating. 9 Ways To Stop Your Cichlids being aggressive to each other, these methods are proven ways on how you can stop bullying in your tank. Before we get into it though, you must know the 3 major reasons why a cichlid is aggressive; territory, mating and food. They do mate together but I put them in a smaller tank alone and thought that would make it easier on them when letting the babies get big enough to be on their own. Not a good situation. The aggression is pretty light so its kinda fun to watch. If you want species other than cichlids in your tank, catfish and pleco species are a good choice. This will ensure that no cichlid has the time to become overly territorial over any one location in the tank. (Above, my Jewel Cichlid with a juvenile Angelfish). Contact the Authorities. Great article! I found this information very helpful for me and my problem with my angel fish. He has really grown but she’s not growing as quickly and is only about 2/3 his size. Any one of the following actions on their own may not be enough to totally eliminate cichlid aggression. There will always be an “alpha” or boss fish in the tank, and if there’s only one other cichlid with them, aggression will all be centered on that fish (unless they’re a pair). For this reason, having a great deal of vertical space does little to reduce aggression. Change the scenery, add some new stuff and take out some of the old, or just rearrange the tank decorations. Its just hiding right now. If you add new fish into a tank that already has cichlids in it, the less fish you add, especially if you add just one, the more likely those new fish are to get bullied. There are several reasons why people bully others; more often than not, bullying can be a coping mechanism for people who are going through a stressful or traumatic situation and it may also be learnt from abuse or prejudice-based attitudes at home. I rescued a Cichlid at pet store about a year ago that was so afraid of the giant Oscar, he actually turned from orange to white, I call him Whitey. Cichlids are by nature quite competitive and aggressive, with one of the main reasons for this being the competitive drive to reproduce. You’re bothering me.” Bullies that are unnaturally vicious should be removed or kept alone. Stop bullying incidents in progress, and make it clear that bullying will not be tolerated. I have one mating pair in a 30 gallen tank with a school of cory cats and 1 betta. If you have African cichlids, and you don’t follow any of the tips that we have outlined above, if they don’t have enough vertical space, if they don’t have enough food, if there are too many males compared to females, and so on and so forth, then they are likely to be aggressive towards one another, especially where males are concerned. Unfortunately, 90% of the species has the potential to be aggressive. I was thinking to go over and see if I can find another larger one — the closest pet store has small ones but I think Mr. Meanie would just kill them. Just having a big enough space for cichlids will reduce aggression. Test the ammonia levels in the water and see if the fish tend to dwell near the top and gasp for air. The first recommended step is to try to get your child to open up about what's happening in their life by showing them that you understand, and won’t judge them. If you have an inadequate number of barbs their bullying may concentrate on one individual, with more it will be more distributed. Sudden Extreme Aggression in Blood Parrot Cichlid, Need help identifying African cichlid and aggression issues, Fish Compatible with Angel Fish (and Other Tips). Kids with healthy self-esteem are more confident and capable. Related: 10 Jack Dempsey Tank Mate Suggestions. Please leave me a comment. Depending on who becomes ‘top dog’ in the tank, you may find that one fish starts bullying the others around or stealing food. Cichlids are extremely territorial and will claim whatever they can in a tank. Work with your child’s teachers to develop a plan for what consequences your child will face at home and at school for bullying. You can prevent aggression in cichlids by providing a wide tank with plenty of floor space and rearranging the tank every now and then to reset territorial boundaries. They can make school, sports, or the internet hellish — and parents suffer powerlessly on the sidelines. If the tank lacks oxygen or ammonia levels are high, fish can become stressed and resort to bullying one another. My mating pair of angelfish are probably the king and queen of my cichlid tank(even though they’re not exactly the toughest). :). Top 10 tips for dealing with bullying 1. If you do enough research and know what each fish requires to thrive, you will have much less trouble dealing with aggression and keeping your fish. If you can spread them out a bit, they’re much less likely to be aggressive. They can get aggressive during mating time. Constant bullying for their first day shouldn’t be allowed but quick chases every couple minutes is not a cause for concern.I have 3 dwarf gouramis had them for about 4 weeks came with the tank one is very aggressive towards the other two tried most things but still chases after both constantly shall I just get rid of himIf a long established fish cannot be calmed down by rearranging the tank with fish its own size … You need a 130 to 140-gallon aquarium. I’d ask for advice from one of our many knowledgeable members asap. Keep the lines of communication open. The sheer size of his new roomate Koi made quite the gentleman. Therefore, having plenty of plants, rock caves, and hollow driftwood is called for. You can try a variety of things to stop bullying. They’ll also chase other male cichlids to protect their mate. Tell kids bullying is unacceptable. | Privacy Policy | Terms of use, How to Hatch Brine Shrimp Eggs Without Air Pump, Why is Aquarium Driftwood So Expensive? One of the main reasons why cichlids become aggressive is related to their naturally aggressive nature, specifically their drive to compete for food. She spends a lot of time hiding. Also if the tank is not cycled, fish's temper, if you can call it that, get worse. If they feel like they have enough room, a space that is their own, and a place to hide and to get some privacy from other fish, the less likely they are to be bullies. Obviously you have lots of experience with cichlids and appreciate their behaviors, or is that antics. I thought one of them were to small, but i was wrong. Fish like the Flowerhorn, jaguar cichlid, dovii, etc. For example, if you have 5 fish that are similar in size, then you need 55 gallons plus four times 20 gallons. Self-esteem is a core component of bullying prevention. How to Stop Oscar Fish from Fighting? Change aquarium setup when adding new Cichlids. After a few months in his own 5-gal tank, he became less stressed and turned orange again. Even kids can stop a bullying incident in progress. African cichlid continue to bully them while also killing my picasimus total of 4 actually he is now being a removed. Overstocking prevents territorial aggression because there are just too many fish in the tank to fight over a specific territory. Aquascape Addiction is the product of a group of aquarists that care about the passion, art, and hobby of Aquascaping. I’ve had many angels over the years, and never have I run into this problem. Know how big your cichlid will get and what tank size it needs.

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