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I know she was mentally ill because her son, ex husband and the police told us she was certified mentally ill but could do nothing to protect the residents of the street because she was an owner-occupier. Everyone seemed very friendly. Woodridge, Queensland, Australia, maps, List of Streets, Street View, Geography. There are no nightclubs anything fancy like that. This site uses cookies to analyze traffic and for ads measurement purposes. [citation needed] This not only means you may not only pay higher premiums for your home insurance, but your family could be in danger. I was dating a guy from Woodridge at the time and his friend stabbed someone in front of the police station. And over 21,000 offences against property including damage and other theft offences. There are fewer people on the train at this stage and females sitting alone are very vulnerable. Get your free quote now. Initial information suggests that at 9.50pm, three men entered a house on Waitara Street and became involved in an altercation with the man. How about compton rd in Woodridge ? With more and more first home buyers and young families with a preference to buy a house instead of renting one, these areas can tick a lot of the right boxes. Latest QPS Videos View Channel. There are no healthy eating places, unless you count subway which I do not because they have way too many calories and they are NOT healthy like they advertise (obviously). The median listing price for houses is $299,000 and this has changed 0.00% over the past year and changed -4.78% over 2 years. There have been police raids, but they continue to deal drugs. I cannot believe the amount of people who disagree with this posting. As I got older I watch all of my friends turn into members of this horrible society, I've seen friends become drug addicts and dealers I've seen them try to kill themselves and lose their sense of life's purpose. Born elsewhere (15.22%) 2. The majority of people are down to earth battlers and it is very central. They corrupt their children and steal in families, the parents distracting while the poor children steal. Not to mention 20 minutes drive or 10 minutes walk to the direct bus stop to the CBD, 2 minutes walk to the bus stop to Garden City, less than 30 minutes drive to Dreamworld, nearby train stations, great public library, parks. It's so sad. Acknowledgement of Country. Crime Rates in Brisbane’s Logan & Southside Region, Queensland households saw a 2.2% attempted break-in rate. But you can't put a label on the suburb as every suburb has its bad streets and bad people!!. The area is rubbish and so are most of the people living there. When I was deciding to move into this area some people said that they would'nt like to live there. there is a huge police station HQ in woodridge trust me there is alot of good police petrol in woodridge. I have lived in Woodridge for nearly two years. do you have an issue or a grudge Shiiea the things you say seem incredible. Since the local council and state government did the urban renewal program some years ago the area has gone from strength to strength. I also happen to now be privy to information on the true crime statistics and parolee's that frequent and live in the area. Woodridge is changing for better. 20 minutes to the city,Gold Coast,or Ipswich. That's not a reflection on the suburb. The 2019 Woodridge crime rate rose by 3% compared to 2018. I live there , I have lived in the CBD . Your review is well-written and honest. Why Logan gets it Bogan jokes is due in no small way to Woodridge. Get a $3,000 cashback when you switch to Virgin Money with … In 2015 a survey of DUMA (Drug Use Monitoring in Australia) detainees was conducted to help police learn more about why property crime is happening in the first place. User #7030 7248 posts. 7 Hunter Street Woodridge QLD 4114 Granny Flat 13th January 2014 Logan City Council 11 Phillip Street Woodridge QLD 4114 Domestic - Above Ground Pool Logan City Council 140-142 Smith Road Woodridge QLD 4114 Domestic Second Dwelling While Woodridge,4114 ranked number 532th in QLD for increase in median house value (annualised) increase, it is ranked 708th over the last 5 years. Look To The Stars. NEVER EVER, EVER, EVER, move here. A great choice of services you could possibly ever want/need - high speed cable broadband (18Mbps usually), gas, foxtel/optus cable tv and well organised public transport. Get home safely this Christmas; Queensland borders opening; Logan Police put the spotlight on road safety; Ice Help 1800 177 833. I wish I could have gotten out of this poverty, crime, cycle, but I wasn't fortunate enough. Statistics from the My Police website show that in 2017, the Logan district recorded a total 38,501 offences. Profits averaged -2.43% per annum over a 3-year period, due to an downward trend in home prices in WOODRIDGE, 4114. Logan gardens are 10 mins walk from my door ; great for BBQs on a sunday afternoon aswell as enjoy a game of rugby league at Logan brothers ground behind the entertainment centre. what are the good areas in woodridge can someone who thinks there are better areas tell me where they are. hey , this place isnt that bad and i have lived here in the same house for 18 yrs since i was born , yes some of the people that live here are little feral gutter rats , and you get the occasional crazys but put that aside it isn't that bad of a place if your goin to be moving here find out how the neighbours are first , because you shouldnt judge someone before you know them , if you dont get involved with the wrong crowed then you wont have a problem just stick to your own and dont get involved in others dramas then you will be fine! Woodridge is a slum. From looking at the current top line review (and others), I would say "Don't believe anything on this page". Online crime map Police areas of operations map The Police Administration Map is currently under development. In the 2011 census the population of Woodridge was 12,787 and is comprised of approximately 50.5% females and 49.5% males.. We bought a house in Woodridge a year ago, in that time we have completed a full renovation including the addition of a second floor, we were also lucky to get a larger block totallling 750m2. Also did you hear about the taxi driver a couple of years back that ran over a person on purpose because they were pissing them off? That is a great review I totally agree, apart from the nature walks I barely see any, unless u count fields of dry grass. Booran is a neighbourhood with the suburb (). Freeway nearby. Good and quiet place to relax, probably mislead by historical tales/reputation. I don't think people in Woodridge are any of those things you mentioned, sure there may be individuals who may need help, but to generalise like that is horrid. This site has got to be flawed and the people commenting may be on the wrong planet. A free on-site cost estimate for your job. Based on five years of sales, Woodridge has seen a compound growth rate of -0.1% for houses and -2.4% for units. House prices are very modest considering the area and what it offers. This advice. You want one of the worst suburbs in brisbane? Instead of simply allowing people to make their own judgements or state their own facts, they are brought up in such a manner where they do not accept anything to be true unless of course it agrees with them. They have shops like Supre and other shops like that are alright I guess, for places like forever 21 you'll have to venture a train ride to the city (Brisbane City) that place is just f**king aye. A suburb of many different cultures and backgrounds. woodridge to me is 5 star and the bad reputation is history already. This means that as more families settle into this area, crime rates could start to decrease. Copyright 2021 StreetAdvisor PL. Creeks and some shopping areas are untidy. Fast, friendly service at no extra charge. Sure, there is the odd nice person but that's 1 out of 100. This information brief is based on the monthly ABS publication, Labour force: Australia, detailed – electronic delivery (ABS 6291.0.55.001). It's to the point where it's hurting wildlife. Crime map showing how Woodridge compares to neighbouring streets. The top break-in hotspots for Brisbane are: If you’re living in or around these areas, then your home could be at greater risk of break-ins theft or other forms of property damage. Investment Property Woodridge, qld, 4114. A down to Earth, realistic and honest review of a suburb with a very good and strong reputation ! All i felt was pity and disgust. The standard of living is horrible, not everyone (as most reviewers have said) is horrible but, a majority of people are dole bludgers, ice addicts, drug dealers (I have a house up the street from me that used to be a massive crime pin until one of the men was arrested and now his family is quieter plus I know of several others across the district), drug users (I have been fortunate to only meet four people that were high in my life, two of which were just on pot but still pretty scary I was only a kid FYI these were all strangers), thieves (I can't even count how many times my things have been stolen and I honestly couldn't tell you how many times someone i know has had things stolen... Plus I've actually physically seen people steal from shops in front of me and often times no one has noticed until I have said anything and even then people don't really care apart from SOME other customers who help me), and generally horrible people. I did see a car chase once, and my grandparents were broken into whilst they were away on holidays, but that was really about it. If you lived anywhere where you have a certified mentally ill person as a neigbour you may still have those problems. I am a Real Estate Agent and I have chosen to work in Woodridge why I hear you ask? White Ribbon . Woodridge is one of the better suburbs you'll find in the South Brisbane area. Which is a cause for concern. In the last 5 years Woodridge has seen decreasing violent crime and rise of property crime. Maybe a little biased due to nostalgia.... Not the best looking, friendliest or intelligent people. The QLD suburb also delivered a weaker performance in contrast to other Australian suburbs in terms of appreciation of property value.Investors saw the median home price rise to $282,750. My advice to you would be to move into the area for a phew months go for a walk at night, you might be supprised that the area is not so different to any Brisbane suburb until then its probably better to review a suburb your a little more familiar with. Now here is the interesting part from the QLD crime stats site. Though traffic on M1 can be a nightmare in peak hours, can avoid by catching city buses at Springwood bus station and be in city in 20 mins. I was afraid my bag would be snatched or car broken into. Woodridge's crime rate is lower than approximately 52% of Illinois communities. After driving around Woodridge/Logan Central, decided against buying there as it was quite a frightening place. We also know that people get attacked for money and their wallet/purse in broad daylight. We are a young family and love living in Woodridge, when we were looking to buy a house here some of our friends were telling us all sorts of stories about it. Secondly, my first school I went to was near the suburb of Crestemeas and Marsden (that I won't name due to privacy reasons and I guess just not to name and shame them even though I really should be) and my mum pulled me out because I was locked in a classroom and left there UNSUPERVISED by a teacher because I wouldn't stop talking about the playground we were going to (because I was excited). There's no way I'd bring my children up in that suburb. Shabby old houses and dodgy people. Lots of good grub and excellent entertainment from people with a wide range of talents. I rented there briefly and NEVER ever will I even drive through there. I simply don't believe that you have been subjected to so much and still alive.. What a load of crap. Anyways so back to the shops. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Relative to New York, Woodridge has a crime rate that is higher than 97% of the state's cities and towns of all sizes. Also every weekend the Logan Central day market is great place to get real bargains and great family outing. An endless number of renovation outlets including tiling, bathroom supplies, curtains and flooring. Total crimes for Woodridge has decreased by 20% in the same time frame. I'm not talking about persecuting unemployed people. Didn’t care about getting caught at all. Close to all major shops e.g. I will add two other neighbouring surburbs for comparative purpose. by saying woodridge is a dangerous area with heaps of drug dealers and crminals you are offending the majority of good people living there for many years.

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